Lawyer services from RIYAKO&PARTNERS Law Firm

In your life situation you have problems of a legal nature, and you are on the way to find a way to solve them? As in any other situation you have only two choices: to hire a specialist or to do it yourself. We understand the desire of our clients to somehow “work it out” by themselves, it is cheaper that way. But you must understand that if you make a mistake, it will be impossible to correct your mistake in jurisprudence.

If, for example, your hoover breaks, you can take out a soldering iron, solder something there, and only after it fails call a craftsman who will fix everything. In the legal services such a variant does not pass, if you do something screwed up, no lawyer will not be able to fix it.

What is included in our services of a lawyer?

  1. Consultations on legal issues;
  2. Lawyer requests;
  3. The full execution of procedural documents;
  4. Representation of clients’ interests in courts;
  5. Representation of clients’ interests at state authorities, executive authorities, banks, fiscal authorities;
  6. Support of the lawyer of notarial transactions.
  7. Can’t find the service you need? Call us and find out whether we provide legal services in the area you are interested in. You may find our lawyer’s telephone number in the Contacts section.

Specialisation of legal assistance

We are highly specialized specialists, who have thoroughly studied the legislation in several areas of jurisprudence. If you take the direction of our lawyers specialization, we can provide the following services:

1. A lawyer in civil cases. Assistance in credit disputes, annulment of notaries, disputes related to cars, insurance, traffic accidents, family matters, divorce, division of property, disputes related to children, debt collection services, inheritance and land issues.
2. Criminal lawyer.
3. Tthe Lawyer Kiev for economic Affairs . Full legal support of activities of enterprises. Legal services in drawing up and legal support of economic contracts. Commercial disputes in courts of all instances.
4. Representation in court. Attorney’s services for the representation of clients in civil, commercial and criminal proceedings.

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